Bright Starts Cradle And Sway Swing

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The Bright Starts Cradle and Sway swing comes in a few different themes which gives you the option to pick one with the right patterns and color schemes to match your nursery decor. It is also part of their Ingenuity collection which boasts of some innovative features that will please parents. The themes that you will find include Kashmir, Bella Vista and Briarcliff.

The swing seat rotates 180 degrees which means you can switch between side-to-side and front-to-back swinging motion. This is no different than most other cradle swings out there. However, it employs a hybrid drive technology that will help you to conserve battery power. The claim is that you can prolong your battery life by as much as two times compared to other similar swings in the market.

The other unique selling proposition of the Bright Starts Cradle and Sway swing is its TruSpeed technology, which can maintain consistent swing speed even as your baby grows. That means the swing would not get bogged down by the additional weight of your baby as he grows and you will still be able to get the 6 different speeds a few months down the road.

Bright Starts is an alternative to the more popular Fisher Price brand. If you are looking for a few more features for your swing than what is offered by Fisher Price, then this is one of your better options.

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Bright Starts Swing: Fun On Safari

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This Bright Starts swing is a simple one with an emphasis on portability. It folds into two for you to move it easily around the house. It is also a great swing to get for those who have a lack of space at home. After all, once your baby has outgrown this swing, you do need a place to store it and the foldability ensures easy storage when the time comes.

There is a 2-position recline for the seat and your baby will be kept entertained with 6 melodies. You can adjust the volume as needed. A timer feature is also included and you can set it to swing automatically for up to half an hour at the most.

With 6 swing speeds, you will be able to find just the right speed for your baby. There is also a toy bar with 2 cute dangling toys for your baby to watch as the swing moves. The toy bar is removable for convenient access to your baby.

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Bright Starts Baby Swing: Comfort & Harmony

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This Bright Starts Comfort and Harmony baby swing has a Comfort Surround System design. This means your baby gets to lie in an oversized plush seat, making it cozy and warm. The seat reclines (2 positions) so that it is suitable for both sleep and play. It is quiet with 6 swing speeds. There are also timer settings included so that you can set the swing to operate for 15, 30 or 45 minutes. The baby swing also uses Truespeed technology which automatically adjusts the swing speed based on your baby’s weight to ensure a consistent swinging motion.

Your baby will be kept entertained with 6 tunes as well as a pivoting toy bar. This basically allows you to have easy access to your baby when you need to lay her down or carry her up. Volume control and auto-shut off are the other must-have features for this baby swing.
Available in pink and blue, you will find it suitable for both genders. Easy to assemble and portable, you will be able to carry it from one room to another when necessary.

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